Tuesday 29 March 2011

Stack Boat

Dry sailing as it is known, has become popular around the Solent. The idea is that your boat is stored ashore, when you want to use it call the yard, who will launch it and have it ready to use. The advantages are that your boat is stored out of the water, so less chance of osmosis or other damage, no need for anti fouling, plus the system is cheaper than keeping the boat afloat for the whole season.

Some yards have put in high rise storage to maximise use of space, with specialist equipment to enable an easy and fast launch and recovery.

Call me over cautious, but that large sports cruiser (above) looks just a little top heavy, perched right the way up there. Come the winter gales, with all that windage, I just hope it's going to be strapped down securely.

I know these boats weight a couple of tons, but to my mind those base rails seem a little narrow. I think I'm happier with my boat floating safely in the water.


  1. I'm happier with my boat safely on its trailer in my back yard, where I can keep an eye on it and I don't have to pay myself enormous fees to have it launched every time I use it.

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