Monday 12 June 2017


I haven't been to Portsmouth by boat for a quite while (not counting the Brittany ferry last summer) and it was nice to revisit all the familiar features from when we kept Blue Clipper there years ago, the Millennium Tower and Spice Island in the foreground

Mary Mouse, the bar and shower block for Haslar marina based in the old lightship.

A couple of Victory class, local day boats similar to the XOD's but clinker built and I believe unique to Portsmouth.

A Daring class Destroyer alongside.

And another one out on a mooring in the harbour.

Moored in the Porchester channel a very nice sloop, sadly the light was fading.


  1. The old lightship brings back memories of photographs showing lightships riding to their anchors in hurricane force winds (probably photos in a Yachting World or Y.Monthly mag). I have never seen a lightship myself, there are none in NZ - They seem to be something particular to the northern hemisphere.

  2. The first type 45 destroyer is HMS Daring, the following one is HMS Duncan :) Katy x


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