Monday 5 October 2015

The Observatory

Down in the salt marshes between Lymington and keyhaven, on a point on the path are two strange looking shed like structures, close inspection reveals they are an art installation.

Described as a sculptural installation, one of the buildings is an artist's workshop while the other is an open observatory which can be rotated using a winding mechanism inside, so it's possible to follow the sun or the stars or just simply change the view across the marshes, open lake and the Solent.

The project began as part of Winchester Science Centre on the south downs, but has been relocated to Lymington over the summer and I have to say looks very at home in the new nautical setting.

It was certainly proving to be a popular stopping and talking point with walkers and cyclists when we were there. The artist in residence changes often, outside the workshop was a cabinet where people were invited to swap or leave items and write about them in a book.


  1. What a great idea.

    These salt marshes look so tranquil and inviting. I would love to sail through this area is a shoal draft boat.

  2. Alden - Shoal draft it is.There's a really nice description by Adlard Coles of being tucked up one of the creeks on the mud between tides in his book More Sailing Days - these days everyone wants to stay in marinas.

  3. The DCA have a favourite overnight spot just round the corner from the clinker ketch (yawl?) at Oxley Lake.

  4. Graham, I think it looks out over Oxley, I'm pretty sure inland is Normansland Lagon and Oxley is open to the Solent

  5. Yep Oxley lake it is

  6. Thanks Max, I have 'Sailing Days' and 'More Sailing Days' and a few others by Adlard Coles - will look up the reference.


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