Saturday 1 August 2015

Slipway Saturday - Swanwick Hard

The best local slipway for us is at Swanwick Hard, usable pretty much at any state of the tide.

The gradient is not very steep so boats with a deep draft often have to be detached from the tow vehicle and pushed down the shingle to launch and recovered with a very long rope.

Ideal place to launch rowing boats, canoes and small dinghies, a couple of wayfarere's getting ready to launch at the top there.

There's a free car park, but it all gets very busy on a sunny afternoon with cars parked on the slipway.


  1. There's that nice rowing boat again - jazz you guys are getting some awesome weather at the moment.

  2. Alden, I have the panel offsets somewhere if you want to build one - not plans I designed her as a model and took the panel shapes off the model to build full size, went together really quickly and still continues to impress me as a good all round rowing boat.

    Not sure about the weather - we're currently up a mountain and it's been pouring with rain all day.

  3. Max,
    I'd be interested in publishing an article about your boat, complete with photos and offsets. If this appeals to you, please send me a note.

  4. That's a very generous offer, and too good to turn down. I could do with a really good little rowing boat just to enjoy rowing in and it would be another great retirement project. I like my useful fat dinghies but their strength lies in transporting gear not in rowing smoothly over long distances.

    I would receive a set of panel offsets with gratitude ---

    I would of course respect the designers copyright

  5. Michael, Alden - will do, need to dig out the files


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