Saturday 21 February 2015


With the recent cold spell both the local and visiting wildlife have been making the most of feeding opportunities, like this busy day at Emsworth when the outgoing tide had just revealed the mud and the no doubt abundant and tasty supply of food.

With the milder weather things appear a little less frenetic and in a few weeks no doubt some of the northern visitors will be heading back to cooler regions. It was nice to see them while they were here.

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  1. Estuaries and river mouths and inland tidal areas are wonderful places. I grew up sailing my NZ 'P Class' yacht on Christchurch Estuary, South Island, New Zealand. Its very tidal and full of interest including birdlife. Since the recent earthquakes the whole of the estuary has been uplifted making the estuary almost unsailable. The land that my old yacht was on sunk a couple of feet so that the club became inundated at high tide and has been demolished - thank your lucky stars the UK is a long way away from tectonic plates !!


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