Tuesday 24 February 2015

SCOW like

I received an email from Tim asking if I could help identify a boat he has which is is definitely SCOW like. The builders plate says Burnham Motor Boats Ltd, marine specialists Burnham on Sea so certainly not a local boat, then again Erica's SCOW was built in Nottingham of all places.

While it certainly looks like a SCOW, Tim's measured her at exactly 12 feet which is a little oversize. The Chichester SCOW is 11'5" while the Lymington SCOW is 11'4".

Stored in a boat shed on the Scillies, apparently the boat hasn't been in the water for over 42 years. Tim has brought her back to Fareham and is looking for a new owner to take her over.

There are more details here on the Classic and Vintage Dinghy Association forum , if you fancy a SCOW like classic dinghy get in touch with Tim. 


  1. There has been a long connection between the West Wight Scow and The Royal Burnham Yacht Club. http://www.rbyc.org.uk. I don't know what a WW should measure but that's probably the connection.

  2. Thanks Graham you're a mine of information, how do you know all this stuff?

  3. Its a sign of a misspent second childhood.

    There is a good potted history of the Scow here, http://www.yacht-designer.co.uk/page47.html
    But no mention of Nottingham!

  4. On first glance I thought this scow looked a little 'Swallows and Amazons' - ish, but she looks too shallow in the bow (and in the body of the dinghy as well). The only national class of clinker dinghy that looks anything like this little scow is our 'Frostbite' dinghy - which is an American design and still popular over there.


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