Sunday 18 January 2015

Winter Calm

In contrast to the howling gales that passed through during the week Saturday morning brought a flat calm winter's day.

Near the town quay in Lymington the water was like a mirror, a good day to go out and check on the boat on it's mooring, even run the engine and charge the batteries if you have left the boat afloat.

Further down river all the boats are gone, presumably ashore and the moorings  have been completely removed giving an unusual and uninterrupted view across the saltings. Better make the most of it, no doubt the boats will soon be back.

While the water was still and tranquil the same could not be said of the sky, with fast moving moody clouds and the odd shower coming in fast, fortunately disappearing quite quickly too, giving just enough time to duck into a coffee shop to watch the rain in comfort.

It was a great day to be out.


  1. Thanks Max for the nice photos! In the foreground of the very first one a first 21.7 takes the center stand... it is basically the same boat as the one you've just sold. Still looking forward to know more about your plans for a replacement....

  2. Lorenzo, well spotted, and the answer is I really don't know, we've owned 8 yachts during the past 28 years the biggest 41 feet and the smallest 21 feet.

    While we make up our minds I want to sail our small boats - Cornish Cormorant, Erica's SCOW and my coastal rowing boat a lot more this season,

    I'd really like to participate in Semain de Golf de Morbihan or the Velaraid Venice but it's difficult making the time.

  3. Max, we should synchronise our raid programs! Velaraid won't happen till june 2016, So we have the time. Morbihan is this coming May.... !


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