Saturday 3 January 2015

Christchurch Harbour

Back at the start of summer last year we took the short ferry ride from Mudford over to Hengisbury Head, the tide rushes in and out out of the narrow entrance to Christchurch harbour. It's a short ferry ride across to Hengisbury Head, the spit which forms the seaward barrier of the natural harbour.

Once across things are very different, development has been heavily restricted and is confined to beach huts which must be a great place to spend a summer weekend.

This bilge keeler is ideal for the area with the ability to take the ground since the harbour dries. Not quite sure this is quite the right spot, if she got up there on the big February tides then she could be there for some time.

A few short yards across the spit to the beach and open water of Christchurch bay.

There's a good cycle route right around the harbour and back into the center of town. By the Christchurch Sailing Club there's a waterside park with a few cafe's and restaurants, which makes a nice lunchtime stop.

Apparently the club has a fleet of Hawk 20's the open day sailers, as seen here on the right,


  1. Max
    You live in such a geographically wonderful area


  2. Steve, it's a bit built up and busy, but there are some gem's around


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