Thursday 15 January 2015

Keyhaven gaffers

In the depth of winter it's nice to recall sunny days of summer. With a midday high water and a fine settled day we took the opportunity to explore Keyhaven and the channel going down to Hurst Castle in the kayaks. The route winds through the moorings and revealed some interesting boats which aren't visible from the shore.

First up above a lovely gaff sloop, I think grey topsides and varnished coach roof is such a great combination.

Not a classic below , but Dudley Dix designed Cape Cutter is a really good looking and high performance little gaffer. I remember reading in Wooden Boat Magazine where the design was compared to a Mini Transat, well maybe not, but from a friend who had one I hear they are fast and fun to sail.

Rare on this side of the Atlantic Phil Bolder designed Chebacco probably in spirit a design close to our Drascombe Coaster. Ideal for exploring the creeks and shallows.


  1. I agree with you on the gray topsides and varnished mahogany. Throw in a bit of tanbark and quite smart indeed!

  2. Very nice Max. Thanks for showing some beautiful boats.


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