Saturday 24 January 2015


Having a picnic lunch back in summer and watching the racing at Dell Quay we spotted this dinghy, the rig with the DB insignia clearly coming from a Yachting World Day Boat, which coincidentally is one of my favorite dinghies.

Instead of the DB's lovely clinker hull there is very hard chine which sweeps up to meet the sheer well astern of the stem. It's an unusual configuration and one I've seen before but just can't remember where and on what boat.


  1. I can think of 3 boats that looked a bit like this, though I'm not sure this is one of them.

    Mayfly, Seafly and Mirror 16 all had a chine a bit like the one on the boat in the photo, I think. Could it be one of these?

  2. Thanks Patrick, Seafly was the boat I was thinking of, very distinctive chine.

  3. John Clarisge is just now producing new moulds for the Seafly.


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