Monday 5 January 2015

Busy Solent Sunday

The Bramble Bank, our local sand bar catches a few boats every year, racers cutting the corner too closely or cruising boats not paying attention, but it just goes to show it can happen to anyone. The 150,000 Ton car transporter Hoegh Osaka went aground late on Saturday evening, the cause isn't known and the conditions were very good, but reports suggest that the captain deliberately ran the ship aground to prevent a capsize.

Sunday morning and the local vantage points were packed. Unfortunately the distance and haze were a bit too much for my compact Panasonic, but there are some good pictures on the link above.

The chilly but settled weather had brought out these paddle boarders taking their's SUP (stand up paddle board) out into Southampton water, which for a change was remarkably free of motor boat wash, then again it was early in the morning.

An early HW had brought out quite a fleet of dinghies from Hill Head Sailing Club,  these look to be the Toppers, there were also Mirror's wayfarers and even a couple of Jacqueline class boats.

In the foreground some early morning swimmers, given that the sea temperature was around 9 degrees and the air was 3 degrees maybe they were having the best of it, maybe!

On the old hovercraft slipway at Daedalus a group of jet skis had gathered, any ideas what the collective noun might be? They all raced off in convoy, making surprisingly  little noise and wash heading off towards the Bramble Bank presumably for a better look at the stranded ship.


  1. Collective noun for jet-skiers?



  2. The collective word we use is not suitable for a family blog intended for family reading by the fireside, but coincidentally Langstone Cutters launched from that slipway directly after the jet skiers. They weren't the usual moronic chavs but a club with an organiser lady with a clipboard and everything. Rather like middle-aged bikers who have given up snakebite in favour of Horlicks. See Rowing for Pleasure for more on the wreck.

  3. whatever the cause it was a gutsy decision to run it up onto the bank. wouldn't like to have to make that call


  4. I had in mind an "annoyance" of jet ski's but following Chris's informative update maybe a "geriatric "of jet ski's.

    I rather like the idea of a waterborne club for mile aged bikers mind you the salt water would play havoc with the chrome.

    Bayog - great poetry

    1. Did you catch O Docker's poetic comment?


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