Tuesday 4 November 2014

Fishermans causeway

I've written about Fisherman's Walk previously, a 340m long causeway snaking from Emsworth out across Chichester harbour to a spot called Fowley Rithe pointing out towards but not reaching Fowley island. The causeway appears to have been constructed between 1826 and 1848 seems to be linked to the oyster industry as mid Victorian maps show oyster beds at the northern end.

Of course when the tide comes in and provided you know where you're going the causeway still offers undisturbed fishing, no comments about Fisherman's Wade being a better name.


  1. I remember that path well - I learnt to sail at Crab Searle's sailing school in Emsworth and they used to keep the school Wayfarers on buoys toward the end of the path....

    1. I learnt as Crab Searle's school in '68 on Wayfarers too!

  2. Steve now you mention it I remember seeing his book, back in the 70's I guess. The what a great name he clearly needs and Wikipedia entry

  3. Wonder if we shouldn't try to do that - he was clearly "notable"... have a look at page 6 of this... not just sailing boats... :o)



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