Friday, 7 November 2014


I had a request for some more information about the motor boat I'd written about in Rorschach Test, so while I was down at Hamble Point I took a few more pictures.

A quick google reveals that she's a Bladerunner 51 - the publicity material describers her, "Finished with the silver hull, she looks fast even without her engines switched on! Surprisingly practical layout and design features enhance her enjoyability whether relaxing onboard or exploring the handling capabilities that this race proven design has to offer"

If you're interested there's one for sale on for $750k, hopefully that one has both propellers.

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  1. Thanks for the further pics. The picture of the bow bears a resemblance to the mouth of a humpback whale. However, after that it just becomes a rich mans plaything. Still, if the mega rich keep playing around designing new hulls some little bits of usefull information might be gained, much like many of the everyday life saving items which were originally designed for the battlefield. Thanks again.


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