Saturday 18 October 2014

Fowey Classics

A few classic boats seen around Fowey.

 No idea what this boat is, long and lean she has classic long overhangs at bow and stern.

From a distance this looked like a Harrison Butler, but I've been nown to be wrong on more than one occasion.

One my all time favorites a Troy class ashore at Fowey Boat Yard and looking immaculate.

A Fowey River class out for a Sunday afternoon sail, it was pretty blustery so heading up river to the more sheltered stretches was probably a wise decision,


  1. Looks like an IOD

  2. IOD for sure. Still the gold standard for beauty.

  3. Hi, It is an IOD, 'Starlight' purchased by a fowey sailor from the Channel Isles I think, earlier in the year, and the small white yacht is White Rose, built in Mevagissey, and featured in Oct Classic Boat mag, based on Laurent Giles' Wanderer II, The Troy is T27, Black Pearl, built by me a few years ago,

    1. And restored by a certain famous Merlin builder a few years back

  4. Thanks marco, Black pearl looks fantastic. I meant to drop by while we were in town but that's a big hill.

    Looked like you were on the shout with the capsized U20.

  5. Hello, I'm no expert but I reckon the blue yacht is an international dragon. There are a few down here in Falmouth.


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