Sunday 5 August 2012

Austerity Britain II

Our tabloid press are fond of the phrase "have yachts or have not's" so in complete contrast to my earlier post this shows you don't have to be super rich or a banker to join the have yachts and get afloat, nor indeed break the bank.

I believe this is an Archilles 24, up for sale in a local yard for slightly less than three and a half thousand Pounds. Designed by Oliver Lee with a good reputation for performance and sea keeping, these boats are perhaps a little short on accommodation compared to modern boats, but none the less make a good family cruiser. This example looked to be in in great shape and had clearly been well looked after and maintained. There's an active owners association.


  1. Is there not middle ground between "'Have-yachts' & 'have-nots'"? I had never heard that expression before. Having reached the age where it's difficult to justify having a yacht, I'm looking forward to enjoying the status I've always envied: sailing OPB.


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