Wednesday 14 March 2012


The daffodils are out, there are more than a few sunny days and rowing down the river doesn't require hats, gloves and thermals. A couple of weeks ago we had temperatures down at 1 degree C now we're into double figures.

Maybe not quite warm enough for the beach,

But the river is starting to come alive, with people getting boats ready for the season and those that either stayed in our got the maintenance done early able to enjoy the good weather, like this local 9TM Hillyard.


  1. that last pic is an awesome one to see when I am eating breakfast at my desk in Canary Wharf - really reminds me of what quality of life is all about - thanks for the posts !

  2. John, I too spend far too much of my time in CW but at least at weekends this is the view we get over breakfast

  3. Daffodils? The peonies are starting to awaken and my Marina called the state police to see
    whether something had happened to me........


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