Saturday 31 March 2012

The Matthew

We were gazing out of the window in Fowey when the Matthew appeared around Gribbon head and sailed into the river.

At anchor in the river with St Catherine's Castle in the background this is a view similar to that which might have been seen 500 years ago when John Cabot set out on his voyage of discovery and henry VIII had the fort built to defend the harbour.

The replica of Cabot's ship set out in 1998 to follow the route of his voyage to Newfoundland. Normally based in Bristol docks she was in Fowey for maintenance and a survey at the shipyard in Polruan and will be making her way to London to take part in the Jubilee celebrations on the Thames.


  1. Max, that second photo is fantastic. Good timing.

  2. Well I had the idea and then did take about 20 or so shots as I walked around Pill creek to take advantage of the changing perspective - this one was the best

  3. Excellent, good job we are now digital. Film would have been mighty expensive!

  4. Hey there!
    I have a and I am interested in sailboats-pictures on my blog of sailing on the Catawba River.My maiden name is Bursley and my parents traced our geneology back to Burslem, England and the 2nd Mayflower. I would love to include a link to your blog through mine.There was also a Captain Mad Jack Bursley from West Barnstable MA. Is Bursledom a place, or just a name of a bridge?
    Thanks for your help with a link-the picture of sailboats are the Lightning Class getting ready for the start of the race.


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