Sunday 11 March 2012

Easy Access

There was a bit of hold up as this motorboat was delivered to the Berthon Yard yesterday, situated as it at the back of the old Georgian town access was a bit tricky.

Between parked cars and overhanging trees progress was at a snails pace, but eventually they got through but not before a small crowd had gathered. The final problem was that it was impossible to turn right down to the yard, so the driver turned left and then reversed the 150 or so meters to the yard entrance.


  1. That is one ugly boat! - it seems the modern trend for those who design mobo's is to strive for the least attractive article they can conceive. Surely the same amount of effort and materials can at least be shaped into something more pleasing on the eye?

  2. I imagine there is a simple and obvious reason why they couldn't have taken the thing in by water....

  3. It's not designed to be moved on water

  4. The truck is much more efficient in every respect, even if it took all day to maneuver the "boat".

  5. @Paul... But if they did, it might look like it belongs to the past. Marketing folks prefer to look forward, in general. So like many this boat comes from the same well as fantasy space ships, brutalist architecture and the rest. I agree it's horrid, most modern motorboats do look this way.

    Here's a noble exception:



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