Saturday 17 March 2012

Man and a horse

Although a ferry crossing dates back to saxon times, one of the earliest written accounts of the ferry which crosses the river between warsash and Hamble was made in a reference made at a local Admiralty Court in 1493 and again in 1508 when it was stated that:
“The causeway at Warsash was in bad condition, which was to the great annoyance of the King’s liege/subjects who pass by and therefore the men of Warsash were commanded to repair it.”

Later in 1572 local men John Webbe, Henry Osman and Richard Marshall of Warsash and John Dalamor of Hamble, were fined because "at various times they kept travellers who wished to cross waiting for two to three hours"

In 1606 the tarrif for the Hamble to Warsash crossing by ferry was ½d for pedestrian and 1d horse - that's in the days when there were 240 Pennies to the Pound.

Clearly it's gone up a bit since then.


  1. could you tell me if you are the chris edwards who sailed on the df faj as 3/o
    Dave S.

  2. If I had a pony I'd ride him on my boat.


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