Friday 4 November 2011

Fast Rowing

Laser sailor and fellow rower on the Hamble River, David sent me an email recently about his latest acquisition.

David writes "I've always wanted a rowing scull and earlier this year I bought a rather neglected 40 year old "restricted single " (24 ' 7'' long !! ) from the Broxbourne Rowing Club. After a lot of hard work and lots of ££££ spent on new bits, last tuesday was maiden voyage day. The selected venue was Heath Pond, Petersfield, its big enough to row on, easy to launch and shallow.

I rowed on tuesday and wednesday , it aint half wobbly ! but I knew that it would be. With some practice I should be able to row on the upper reaches of the Hamble."

On the settled water above Bursledon Bridge I think David's new scull will go like a train, I think I might need an outboard motor or he'll be on his second pint at the Horse and Jockey long before we arrive!

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