Saturday 12 November 2011

Fowey Tugs

As a regular visitor to fellow blogger Tugster’s Waterblog I confess a fascination for tug boats. While not on the scale of the Hudson River, the working tugs in Fowey which were operating right outside our windows and are a always source of fascination.

The main commercial business of Fowey is china clay brought down from St Austells by train and loaded into coastal freighters in the small but deep water port. The working tugs often tow the ships stern first up river and into the docks, past the town and the crowded yacht moorings. Although on this occasion it was a small cruise ship that was being brought ready for departure.

During our last visit things were especially crowded as the tug Tregeagle stood by to assist HMS Enterprise (an Echo class multi role survey vessel) as she manoeuvred into position on a deep water mooring. Once she was settled it was time to bring in yet another china clay freighter. The whole exercise went off in a very calm and organised fashion.


  1. Must confess, the variety of sea traffic you catalog is envious.

  2. gotta appreciate workboats, mate.


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