Sunday 11 September 2011

Low flying - boat

This International Moth was undergoing pre flight checks down on the slipway, judging by those foils and the fuselage hull.

Despite the delicate appendages and the sheer size of the hull and outriggers launching seemed to be a fuss free procedure.

It wasn’t an especially windy day perhaps 8-12 knots near perfect conditions so after a couple of short tacks the Moth was up of its foils and hurting down river. The picture doesn’t show it very clearly, the hull was some 9 inches to a foot out of the water supported on those tiny hydrofoils and the uplift generated as they travel through the water.


  1. There's a couple that sail from HISC in the entrance to Chichester, and they are just breathtaking to watch in a decent blow.... if I was a younger man again and less "stable" in the waist department I would have a go like a shot....!

  2. I saw a couple out in Chichester Harbour during the DCA week at Cobnor. They tower above you, high on their foils when they sail past at full tilt. Quite an impressive not to mention intimidating sight.

  3. A few Moths passed us as we rowed to HISC recently and we saw more being prepared on the beach when we stopped there for tea. They look like tremendous fun but it takes a while to get onto the water.


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