Monday 23 May 2011


South Bank is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Festival of Britain. Normally I'm too preoccupied with work to pay much attention to what's going on outside, but last week it was lunch time so I decided to walk back from a meeting in the City and strolled along the South Bank where a whole host of events and installations are marking the event.

First thing to catch my attention is the beach that's been installed along the Thames, a few children had brought along buckets and spades.

There was even an interesting boat drawn up on the makeshift beach.

Up on the Festival Hall there was a giant fox which appeared to be made of straw.

All in all a nice distraction during my lunchtime stroll, and then back to work.


  1. Snap! I was walking along there this afternoon going from one meeting to another.

    Did you go in the beach hut with books about the sea?

  2. The boat is a Jack Holt designed Miracle, a design sponsored by the Daily Mirror to be built by the "Stitch and Glue" method that Holt had pioneered with Barry Bucknell.

    Like the successful Mirror dinghy, the Miracle was designed for easy amateur building and comfortable, safe family use, but with a lot more high-performance potential.

  3. Patrick - I walked past the dinghy again today and yes it does indeed look like a Miracle - one of those dinghies that tend to get overlooked - a lot of fun per £ boat


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