Friday 20 May 2011


Walking through the park in Lymington last week I noticed a boat short tacking through the crowded moorings and snapped a couple of pictures even though it was difficult to get a clear view.

It was only when I got home and looked through the pictures that I realised it was the same classic day boat which I'd posted about last year. I wonder if I'm possibly becoming a boat stalker?

Following my previous post I received an email from David and Marc, members of the family who own her, "Sailfish is a classic. Designed and built locally by the Smith Brothers at Yarmouth Quay, sole survivor in its original state and one of 5 built specifically for the area.

She has a lifting plate from 6 ft to 18", roller jib on goose-wing boom that allows the jib to be held out for following winds. When built she had one of the first unique roll boom reefing systems fitted for the main sheet. Sails were canvas and the seagull outboards were classics too (with manual!!).

She has been moored in the same upper reaches of Lymington river for over 60 years and over 5 generations of family have sailed off the mooring at the town Quay, regularly summer and winter and Christmas day most years!"

Marc also suggested that I might be invited out for a sail - which would be very welcome.

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