Sunday 8 May 2011


I've seen Hesper afloat on her mooring in Pill Creek, Fowey from the shore many times, but it was nice to have the opportunity to row past and get a close up view recently.

The 44 foot pilot cutter was built in the west country by Working Sail and launched in 2004, one of a series of traditionally built pilot cutters.

Despite her size Hesper has been set up so that she can be sailed two handed, which is how the pilot cutters of old were often worked.

According to Working Sail also shares the excellent sea keeping qualities which made pilot cutters legendary craft they are.
I guess we should give her a place on 1001 Boats, she is lovely.


  1. Just a beautiful boat - and great detail. I love the carved name on the traansom. I have been curious about boats hanging off moorings from the stern as is shown here? You don't see that over here.

  2. She is tied very snug bow and stern, must be no room to swing. If I left a mooring on such a craft, I might never come back...

  3. I'm a bit hazy on how the effects pedal would improve the situation. Is it simply so you can tweak the equalizer? Or is there something else to it?


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