Friday 31 December 2010


New Year resolutions are all very well and good, but how many of us have had the first drink , first chocolate cake, done what we resolved not to, or left undone what we resolved to do, well before January was out.

Not that work on the SCOW was part of any resolution, it's just that too many other things have got in the way. Most recently the new shower room that I've been promising for at least 4 years and for which work started in earnest in October (doesn't do to rush the planning stages!!).

I read Leafy's post on her restored SCOW, and despite some other words of encouragement on my own lack of progress (read comments) things haven't got any better.

I've concluded it's all down to motivation and so lacking a "personal boat restoration coach" I'm hoping that these pictures of Yarmouth SCOWs will galvanise me into action.

Taken a few years ago on the upper reaches of the Yar the SCOWs are from Yarmouth Sailing Club.

The club has an active fleet of both traditional Wooden SCOWs and newer GRP, many with the characteristic colourful sails.

Having read a few self help books I need to pin these pictures on my office wall and start up my daily affirmations...

"I'll soon be sailing a boat like this, I'll soon be sailing a boat like this...."

Think it will work?

Best wishes for a good 2011.


  1. Hermosas fotos ....saludos desde Canarias

  2. happy, happy 2011!! yes yes! do sail one! they are lovely!!

    my resolution is much less ambitious: I hope to doodle more. (..still working on it..)

    All the best to you and family!

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