Wednesday 29 September 2010

Solent Scow

I couldn't resist buying this old Scow, it's been badly neglected and I paid a bit too much for it, but it was still cheap and will make a great boat for Joe.

The Scow is a local boat with fleets at boths end of the Solent sailing from Chichester, Bembride, Yarmouth, Lymington and Keyhaven. Originally timber built the design goes back to the 1920's when a one design was established.

This latest acquisition to our "fleet" was built by Field Aircraft Services of Tollerton, Nottingham during the mid 1950's. Apparently it was their first attempt at boat building, in order to diversify the business which had experience of making fibreglass aircraft components. It was the third off the line, it is believed all 3 went to managers in the company.

Unusually it was marketed as a Scow with a Heron set of sails, rather than the normal lugsail. Clearly there's a quite a bit of work to be done before I get around to replacing the rig.


  1. And they said fibreglass wouldn't last! Good on you for saving what is obviously a fairly rare bird. I have long converted a scow from my 'Swallows & Amazon' days and must say I envy you the opportunity - Happy Days

  2. The St Deny's club has been looking for another Scow for a while now, but I don't think this is the one :)
    They are super little boats look forward to seeing it when its all spruced up.


  3. Guess you won't be in the office much for a couple of weeks?

  4. I'm sure you'll have great fun with it. The Heron rig might even work well...

  5. Hello. Your lovely old Scow pics made me smile. I've got one too.... I rescued her a few years ago from a brambly back garden. A bit of carpentry, lots of varnish and some epoxy later and she is in fine fettle. I love the old Scows. She is my website header illustration and my signature (and perfect for pootling around the creeks with a picnic). They're jolly rare on the East Coast, which makes it extra nice to see yours.


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