Sunday 12 December 2010

Winter Rowing

It was a day just too good to miss, not a cloud in the sky, cool but not the biting cold we've endured during the past weeks. Plans to spend Sunday on DIY were shelved (excuse the pun).

It took a while to get the skiff out of the garage, or at least remove the accumulated junk which has found convenient storage space in an empty boat over the past month or so.

Still as a mill pond, I had the river almost to myself, well me, some oyster catchers, egrets, curlews and a flock of black geese, who have arrived recently for the winter.

Apologies if you missed the brisk exercise followed by a bacon sandwich and steaming cup of tea down at the cafe, but the pictures give a hint of what it was like - bliss!!


  1. It's been great weather for rowing in the Solent area recently, hasn't it? But I am a little disturbed by this reference to 'accumulated junk' over Gato Negro - you clearly haven't been getting out enough.

  2. Chris - me too it's the first time I've been rowing since the start of October!!

  3. Great update - having just finished the Winter Series its great to keep up with what's happening on the river, many thanks. John


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