Friday 20 November 2009


One of the major yachting centers in the UK, Hamble is not immediately associated with houseboats. While there are a few live aboards in the saltings between Bursledon bridge and the motorway, below Bursledon pool the river scene is dominated by shiny white hulls and silver masts.

However just downstream of Hackett's Marsh and Universal Marina is Salterns Creek (above), where a small community of live aboard steel barges lie on the mud, waiting for the tide.

If you know where to look there are quite a few more houseboats, hidden away from the main river.

Surrounded by woodland, coming right down to the water's edge and completely invisible from the busy river, one of these would make a fantastic weekend retreat.


  1. Great shots, hadn't seen these houseboats in the U.K. before. We have a lot of them on the waterfront in Seattle.

  2. I want to buy a Houseboats like these ones not only because they have an incredible space inside of them but also because I like to spend time with my wife in those luxurious boats.


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