Monday, 23 September 2019

Birdham Pool Marina Classic Boat Festival

By happy coincidence we cycled along to the cafe a Birdham Pool to find the Classic boat festival in full swing.

There were some lovely boats on show. Below pretty sure this is a Laurent Giles design, same as Eric Hiscock's famous Wanderer III, with that classic LG cover stripe.

One of my favorites, Widgets, I really do have a thing for these classic small day boats and she's one of the best.

There was a good turn out and a mixed fleet of Bermudian rigs, gaffers and motor boats.

More than a few have featured before on these pages.

I keep thinking that something like this would make a great retirement project, but sadly not something that'slikely to happen anytime soon.

A nice looking Memory and the boat alongside, both great smallboats for pottering around Chichester harbour and the Solent.

How about a motorised tender, I'm guessing it was about 8 feet, with a single cylinder inboard engine. and check out the wire wheels on the trailer, fantastic.

More than a few gallons of varnish on display, including this more typical tender.

And an lovely wooden SCOW.

Birdham Pool marina is becoming something of a center for classic wooden boats.

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