Friday 23 November 2018

Fowey again

We took off to Fowey for a long weekend to celebrate Mrs BB's birthday, the drive down was a bit hectic with sea fog drifting onto the Dorset hills near West Bay, but once we got there the weather was fine for what was a pretty much a perfect, winter, weekend away.

Readymoney Cove, apparently the name originates from the Cornish language meaning a shallow ford of stones.

Looking back to the town from St Catherine's Castle

A lone ketch out on the moorings over towards Polruan.

Nice floral display by the local RNLI.

Very different to when we were there in the summer for my birthday but great to be there again.

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  1. Ah, 'Moonraker of Fowey'. What a boat, what a man, what a women, what a hugely interesting set of books about their voyages together.


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