Monday 26 November 2018

Classic Bikes - cool rides

Chilled and relaxed on holiday I had time to notice a few nice machines, not least because Luc Loisirs Motors near where we were staying specialise in classic machines.

A brace of Honda 750/4's including an especially nice cafe racer version.This was the machine that redefined the motorcycle industry in the 1970's, I can remember excitedly reading about them in Motor Cycle News with my friend on the way to school  in anticipation of turning 16 and being able to get on 2 wheels - even if that meant a more modest 50cc moped.

Maybe this is an anti theft deterrent, whichever it's certainly a lean, green and mean machine.

Royal Enfield was my first bike, not entirely dissimilar to the current model I had a 250 Crusader Sport with the little sidelights either side of the speedo and a cafe racer seat. I imagine they are a bit more reliable these days.

Norton's finest and final model before they went bust in the 70's the Commando, great pedigree and performance but people voted with their chequebooks for the Honda and Kawasaki OHC in line 4's.

I quite fancy one of these for nipping down the shops etc.

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