Sunday 11 November 2018

Remembrance - Juno

Shortly before the day when we remember 100 years since the end of WW1, we passed through the valley of the Somme on our way to Normandy. In the news there was controversy over President Macron who is apparently keen to downplay any triumphalism tone and instead be respectful of the millions who died in the conflict. My grandfather was one of the fortunate ones, he served in France during WW1 in the cavalry and returned safely home.

Juno beach, where we were staying, peaceful and beautiful now, but it is impossible to walk along those sands without reflecting on the events of June 1944.

Northern France has been witness to the ravages of both world wars during the 20th century, the appreciation and respect for those who fought and died is very present in the grave yards, memorials, towns and villages.

To all those who have fought to defend us, in whatever field, we remember you and we thank you.


  1. We certainly own a huge, huge debt to those who fought in the second world war - the world would be different place if we had lost that one.
    The first world war, I am not so sure about. It's not clear to me exactly what that was all about - senseless slaughter for what? over what?

  2. Alden, I agree listening to the rhetoric at today's service I couldn't help but reflect that WW1 was due to catastrophic political failure, and military incompetence, the whole land fit for heroes seems l ike propaganda and spin, as you say WW2 was very much in defence against a very real aggressor. None the less we should honour and remember those who fought and died, cliche but those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeate them.


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