Monday 6 November 2017

Cool Rides

Maybe it's because I'm relaxed and have more time, that I seem to stumble across interesting motorcycles when I'm on holiday and this one was no exception. Just down the street between the house we were staying at and the beach was this fantastic motorbike shop.

It was full of 1970's classics, Honda 750-4, Honda 500T and at the back what looked like a BSA Rocket 3.

Bad photo's taken through the windows - a Harley flat track 750 and a Vincent Black Something (Shadow perhaps, apologies to purists).

A Norton 850 Commando the last of the big British twins and behind another 4 cylinder Honda, the bikes that dealt the final death blow to the British bike industry at the time.

These bikes were the stuff of my youth, I got onto 2 wheels in the early mid 70's

Finally a Honda 750-4 custom cafe racer, I snapped this picture especially for my eldest son Duncan who's busy building a similar cafe racer restoration on a 1978 Suzuki 750 - can't wait to see it finished.

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