Wednesday 3 January 2018


We visited Bath for a literary event to see Diary of a Whimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney. Not having read the collected works, I left Joseph and Erica at the event and went for a walk around the famous city.

Walking from where I parked out of town, close by the entrance to Sydney Gardens I disturbed a kingfisher who flew along the canal for a short way and then perched safely on the other bank as I passed.

The centrepiece and main attraction is Pulteney Bridge, built in 1774 to a design by Robert Adam in the Palladian style, it has shops built across its full span on both sides and fantastic views from both downstream banks.


  1. of my favourite places in the whole wide world... Mrs Steve the Wargamer and I visit for a couple of nights every Christmas - have done for 20+ years now... can't wait to go back again...

  2. Mrs BB is a native, but we don,t get there very often now her parents have moved out near Longleat way. A weekend break beckons.


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