Thursday, 11 January 2018

Lone Wolf

Something of interest for the still too long and cold winter evenings. My classic Boat has recently put up a great video of Lone Wolf one of the more famous Old Gaffers around the Solent. She was based nearby at The Elephant Boatyard for many years until owners Dick and Pat moved to the Isle of Wight, which doesn't seem that long ago but was probably 10 years or so.

When we joined the Old Gaffers Association Dick and Pat were hugely welcoming and always ready to share advice and their encyclopedic experience about tradition boats. They invited us to race aboard Lone Wolf with them at the Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival (YOGAFF) which was a great experience - don't let anyone tell you these old boats are slow.

I recall we were reasonably well placed in the race, but Erica and I can't claim much credit for that. Disk and Pat know their boat so well, after all these years and having sailed so many miles, hopefully we helped by being "semi intelligent ballast" moving to the right place at the right time and getting out of the way without being told.

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