Friday 26 January 2018

View from the Warrior

Erica managed to get a special offer annual family pass to the Portsmouth historic dockyard museums which included our recent visit to the submarine museum and  HMS Alliance . Joseph and I also took an opportunity to use the tickets a while back to drop in on the ironclad HMS Warrior across the harbour in Portsmouth.

I've been on Warrior a few time over the years including for a wine tasting, but the scale and sheer audacity of the ship never fails to impress. Sadly there was a lot of work going on to restore the badly rusted bulwarks on the port side so the best views were looking out across the harbour from the bridge deck.

Down below things are unchanged showing what the ship was like while in service, it was a shame to discover that all the guns (not called cannons aboard ships) are in fact fibreglass replica's, even if they do look very authentic.


  1. I've been meaning to go round Warrier but last time was down at the historic docks after seeing the Mary Rose and Victory was cold and felt like heading back to London

  2. I have wondered for a long time, if the armaments are called guns what are the spherical projectiles called?

  3. According to some pedants; RN guns shoot projectiles with propellant.
    The USN, wrongly, fire shells with powder.


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