Sunday 31 December 2017

Happy New Year

2018 as the sun rises on a new dawn, of a new day, of a new year what are you going to do with the forthcoming year ahead?

Not that I actually made any, but I'd be determined to break any new year resolutions by the end of the day and get on with enjoying life, time with family and friends, the sun setting over the western horizon and both the challenges and joy of this fantastic world we live in - have a great 2018.


  1. Happy forthcoming New Year as well, Max.. I never make resolutions.. that way I can always report 100% success at the end of the year! :o) For 2018 I would just like more of the same as 2017, please...

  2. Was just commenting this morning how when I was young, the concept of living into years that started with "2" never occurred to me. Still having trouble with that one, seems odd to be living in the future.

  3. Thanks all

    Michael - 2001 seemed a long way off when the movie came out


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