Monday 4 December 2017

Tractor launching

Using a tractor to launch off the beach is a great idea and is quite popular along the Normandy coast, but I have to wonder about corrosion from the seawater and the associated maintenance required.

This old tractor was going strong and still in daily use at Arromanches, closer inspection revealed the extent of corrosion - which hopefully looks a lot worse than it is.


  1. Tractors and boat trailers are a big feature around the NZ coast. Most of the corrosion can be kept at bay by fastidious washing of boat, trailer and tractor with fresh water after every foray into salt water.

  2. Thanks Alden, I see guys with RIBs launching with the trailers fully submerged and wonder how long things like brake lines, axels etc really last even if they thoroughly wash and rinse with a pressure washer every time.


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