Friday, 8 September 2017

French motor boats

Regardless of what you think about motorboats, you have to appreciate this. The triple hulls should make it very stable and easily driven, so ideal for the calm waters of lake Bourget. The Bimini is great for keeping the sun off when it gets hot, not sure about the fly bridge but  how else would you get the height for the water slide - probably makes for a great day out on the lake

Preparing for take off? Or maybe a new angle trailer sailing - any thoughts? Certainly would make putting on the anti foul an easier job.


  1. I would say either they're using the trailer normally used for a keel boat, or it's a two boat trailer (another one underneath), or underneath is used for storage on journeys..???

  2. Steve I think your first guess is most likely - the French boating seem much more practical and clearly they don't share our health and safety paranoia.

  3. opp's - that comment is Max logged in as Mrs BB

  4. Kids would have a great time spending hours sliding into the lake on the triple hulled boat.

    I agree with Steve regarding the high altitude trailer - it's correct use would be for a boat with a keel. The fact that it is used in this way is either French ingenuity, creativeness or sheer stupidity (depends on ones point of view).


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