Monday 17 October 2016

Westerly Nimrod

I've always been slightly intrigued and fascinated by the Ian Proctor designed, Westerly Nimrod.  It's reported to be fast, dinghy like but with a small cabin and with a 120Kg centre plate presumably not prone to capsize.

IThe Nimrod as built by Westerly between 1968 and 1971 and after that a few more were made by other manufacturers.

The  'L' shaped centre plate  retracts completely into the hull so makes for easy launching which is really a prerequisite for trailer sailing, plys plat up shallowdraft will get you pretty much anywhere you want to go.

Rolled side decks and toe straps for sitting out, together with a generous sail area (16.7 sq m with genoa) shows the dinghy and performance heritage

The Nimrod definitely wasn't a typical Westerly which may in part explain the low numbers sold.

You see then from time to time on the second hand market for around £1,500 to £2,000. I've often thought one would make a great pocket cruiser but could do with a little updating in the looks department, those rubber window surrounds for example are very dated. But all in all a nice boat.

LOA 17' 9"
LWL 15' 6"
Beam 6' 6"
Draft 4'0"/ 8"
Displacement 1050 lbs
SA 140 Sq Ft
SA/Disp 21.72


  1. They don't seem to come up very often. I have been looking for one for the last three months with no success. My view is it would be excellent for the River Dart and Torbay and could also trail it to the Lakes, Broads, Western Isles and the West Country estuaries. Keeping my fingers cross a nice one with trailer comes up over the winter.

    1. i bought one last october..its a nice one .i have put new suspension units and brakes on the trailer and docking arms..ive fitted 12v and 240v electrics.cooker and sink andd porta potti..has 2 mainsails and roller jib plus thinking im too old for this type off boat .so thinking of selling..but because of the cost of everything boat now stands me at £2, thats the least i willtake

  2. I wonder if the Nimrod inspired Vandestadt&McGruer to build the Siren in Canada? They look quite similar.

  3. I have a Nimrod in Lymington currently undergoing a refit as I have always found them interesting boats with an excellent Hull form. In fact there is a possibility I have located the moulds, which could be interesting in view of their almost timeless appearance and trailerbility.

    1. Do you still have your Nimrod? Just trying to make contact with other owners to share information and tips! Mark

    2. ive just bought one,looks like rudder is not the right one and a bit on the small side,,does anyone know what the sizes should be,otherwise a nice boat in good condition

  4. A friend here in the USA has offered me his Nimrod. There don't seem to be too many around. Am wondering about the scarcity of replacement parts and cost of restoring back to like new. Are many things so unique to the Nimrod they could not be replaced? (I assume the keel is among them). What's the value of a 1970 Nimrod in poor to good shape (can be sailed but needs cosmetic work and new rigging/sails? Is sitting on the gunwale less comfortable than a bench? Your thoughts?

  5. Ive just put my Nimrod (sail No 120) back in the water after its been ashore for three years! Great little boat so far (only had two sails ) and looking forward to many family adventures in her. Sitting on the gunwale is more of a dingy feel, perfectly comfortable though.

  6. My nimrod, (sail #94) spent a long time in Burseldon, on the Portsmouth road, rotting in my parents driveway.
    She finally got the TLC she deserves a few years back; fully restored and upgraded with new sails, rolling reefing, proper electrics, sensible interior, keel restored and rudder rebuilt.
    It took two years of off/on work, but for the last six years she's in use every week of the summer for sailing, swimming and occasional over-nighting.
    She's also in Holland, on a lake near Amsterdam, she emigrated with me.

    1. Hi Owen, what kind of rudder should Nimrod carry? On photos, I have seen light wooden and as well heavy steel ones. Buf what is original do you know? Thanks for reply, Petr

  7. Hello everybody,
    Im in France and I'm looking for a nimrod sailboat on his trailer (without brakes I think).No unit in France!
    Somebody could help me to find one in England in order? I have another email (
    I hope that my request will be possible?
    Thank you, Vincent


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