Saturday 29 October 2016

Morbihan Boats 3

Back in Le Trinite Sur Mer again, it was an opportunity to check out a few more boats and visit a rather good bakery/cafe. I love the sloping transom on this classic ketch and the rather jolly paint scheme.

This was a real treat for us lovers of varnished boats, and slightly depressing as my efforts with the best badger brushes never come close to this standard.

Someone is probably going to tell me it's not a Flying Fifteen, maybe the class was popular in France or maybe it's a local boat - happy to hear from anyone who knows what she is?

Not much doubt about the provenance of this one, lovely, from the days before ridiculously fast catamarans became ubiquitous.


  1. The classic ketch with the colourful paint is reminiscent of Peter Pyes 'Moonraker of Fowey'. The very high bulwarks of the type would give good security when working on the deck in a seaway but would also hold tons of water if swept by a large sea - which is perhaps why Pyes wife always said that they "sailed in Gods pocket".

    The varnished sailboat looks beautiful but I would find such a level of finish inhibiting - I would always be worried about scratching the finish. I like varnish but at a working yachty level, not that of a Steinway piano!

    I am wondering if the 'France' was the 12 metre built by Baron Bic of the biro pens?

  2. Texan Ketch = Y'all !!!


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