Sunday 23 October 2016

Morbihan Boats 1

Things have been busy of late, so while we are actually in France, we're not in the Gulf of Morbihan , but we were back in the summer, so I thought we'd catch up a bit.

The Morbihan is just a great place to sail, admittedly the tides can be a little fearsome, but in terms of scenery the inland sea peppered with islands is hard to beat.

Below on a sunny Sunday a traditional yawl heads out past a smaller day boat - there's no substitute for waterline length.

A Drascombe Coaster, hardly local but looks very much as home.

A classic day boat on what appeared to be moorings reserved for classic yachts near the quay in La Trinite sur Mer. Our local harbour master would be rubbing his hands together at the prospect of charging extra mooring fees for that bowsprit and overhanging boom.

A couple more interesting day boats in the same area, protected by the fishing quay. Our regular reader might recall my predilection for open day boats like the one in the foreground, absolutely lovely.

This is either a  Francois Vivier designed dinghy (Ilur,or Aber?) or a very similar local boat. Presumably sets a single lug sail, probably without a boom, safe and allowing plenty of room for fishing and the like.

Not normally a fan of motor boats, but this pastiche of a slipper launch caught my eye, the local seagulls seem to like it was well.

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