Friday 7 October 2016

Autumn days

The days are rapidly growing shorter, the weather is getting noticeably cooler. Down on the quay tables were being laid out for a seafood Sunday lunch as part of Emsworth British Food Fortnight.

It's a time of high tides and of course low lows.

Apples collected from a local tree which grows wild and has deliciously sweet fruit, we need a trip out to collect the last of the season's blackberries and then an evening jam making.


  1. Green apples - probably 'Granny Smith' apples?? I cook up (stew) half a dozen of these every week to have on my breakfast cereal - nothing beats it in my book.

  2. One of the few disadvantages to living in France is that you can't get Granny Smiths in most shops - and Bramleys are available nowhere.

  3. I don't think they are Granny's, at least nothing like the ones in the shops, these are very sweet and many have red cheeks, make great pies which is a job for today.


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