Thursday 18 June 2015


I'm a regular reader of Moth enthusiast sailors Earwigoagin and Mid Atlantic Musings so when I spotted these boats with their matching, multi coloured sails, sailing on the pond at Salterns SC near Lymington,  I guessed they were moths and wanted to know more.

The club is pretty unique, solely focusing on teaching kids to sail. They have a fleet of the usual Optimists and some Solent SCOWs another local boat, and apparently a fleet of Moths. Some research on the British Moth web site shows they are built locally by john Clardige and look to be the most southerly fleet in the UK. The hull form has a very distinctive scow shaped bow and hard chines. Interesting history here.

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  1. What a pretty picture! Those multi-color sails add a lot of oomph to the composition. George A. dug out the lineage of the British Moth which was borrowed from the U.S. Boy Scout Moth of the 1930's. The export of Moth designs switched directions after WWII, particularly in the 1960's when the English Shelly and Skol designs and the French Duflos design became popular in the U.S. tweezer ((dot)) sailing

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