Monday, 15 June 2015

Best friend

This clinker built, center board dinghy "Best Friend" was pulled up on a drying mooring above Dell Quay. The builders plate indicates she was built by Tucker Brown Burnham on Crouch, so definitely not a local boat.

While perhaps not a native of the Solent waters, the hull looks powerful and has good free board which indicates a sea worthy boat.

Details of what looks to be a steel centerboard and the traditional drum winch lifting mechanism. The centerboard case and side frames are very nicely shaped, speaks of fine build quality.

Let's hope she is being used as being left uncovered all that varnish work will quickly deteriorate.

A nice boat for exploring and pottering around Chichester harbour.


  1. Hi Max, nice little find of yours. Definitely a precious little boat. I hope the spark hasn't gone out of their relationship!

  2. Really nice little day sailor - From my reading over the years Tucker Brown is a quality and reputable boatyard. Bet she would look great with tan coloured sails!


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