Tuesday 2 June 2015

Happy kids and pirate treasure

Hamble River Sailing Club held their annual camp away sailing weekend at Fairthorne Manor on the banks of the upper Hamble where the creek leads up to Botley.

There were a load of boats ranging from Optimists, Picos, kayaks, paddle boards but the best time seemed to be had just getting wet and having fun.

With low water in the afternoon everyone set off to explore the creek in search of pirate treasure, the creek winds through wooded shores up to the old mill at Botley. Where it was shallow everyone walked, with the canoes and paddle boards on hand where the water got deep (and very muddy at times).

The weary pirates returned after about an hour and a half of fun and adventure. The old pirate map had proved it's worth, having revealed not one but four stashes of pirate booty which included sweets, pieces of eight, jewels and a compass for everyone.

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