Tuesday 9 June 2015

Blue Boats

I'm not quite sure if it was coincidence or some subliminal guidance, but looking through some photographs I'd taken while walking around Chichester marina I realised that the whole series was of blue boats.

No idea what the almost flush decked traditional boat above is. Below is a little more familiar folk boat or at least a derivative thereof.

This little double ender with the raised wooden topsides forming the cabin has the look of boats built by Rossiter at Christchurch, but all the pictures of their more familiar Shelduck and Pintail have a transom stern so maybe I'm wrong (again).

Below is a BayCruiser 26 by Swallow boats, I generally like their boats which usually combine innovation and traditional looks, although I'm not sure about the cabin top. However the builders claim high performance and good interior space, which is demonstrated by the 360 degree interior view on the web site, looks very nice and highly practical

It was difficult getting a good picture of this with the sun behind and other boats crowding it in. I'm pretty sure it's a Golant Gaffer designed for home construction by Roger Dongray who famously designed the original Cornish Crabbr range of boats.

Interestingly the boat in the background is also blue, maybe more of that subliminal influence?

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  1. The pretty double-ender looks similar to the Scarborough Sloop design built by Leys of Scarborough in the 50s - but it looks too small - they were 26 ft overall. Perhaps there was a smaller version?


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