Friday 29 May 2015


I spotted this launch down in Birdham Pool marina, the chap who was working on her was the local boat builder who had restored her, but was now getting her ready for the water on behalf of the new owners.

Built in Sandown on the Isle of Wight in the early 1950's she was originally used for fishing and beach trips, but after 2 years was converted into a pleasure boat with the raised topsides added.

On the starboard side are the protective strips where she would have been hauled up onto the beach, there being no harbour at Sandown.

Even with the centrally placed inboard engine the cockpit is spacious and safe, the cabin provides some useful storage and a place to get out if the rain or maybe have an afternoon nap swinging to anchor. Pretty much a perfect boat for exploring the lovely Chichester Harbour were she is based.

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  1. i owned her in cowes for many years in tbe late seventys and the eigbtys. i have many photos i would happily share. 07788818243


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