Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mind the post

We had a big spring tide recently, so I took the opportunity to update my local knowledge and survey the river adjacent to Hamble River SC.

Note to self, "don't cut inside the post."


  1. I reckon that's a Fantasie 19 against the pontoon??? :o)

  2. Good point.

    I always like to see a sailing area at really low tide so I can remember where all the hidden rocks and sandbars are. It's hard to consult charts when you are sailing a Laser!

  3. ....... and remember if the tide suddenly starts going out very, very fast ...... run like hell for high ground!

  4. alden, on that basis we'd have a Tsunami twice a day at springs, hamble tides are a bit odd, theres a stand after HW which can last for 2.5 hours and then the water all rushes out in one go. Fastest tides seems to be HW+4 and 5


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